April 17-18, 2012, Beijing, China 

New Era, New Opportunities, New Challenges

China is now facing daunting challenges in the areas of soil and groundwater contamination which is arguably one of the most important issues that must be solved in the coming decades. While Chinese government and lawmakers are still working on tougher regulations and standards, the remediation industry has grown tremendously due to a strong demand.

In the National 12th 5-year plan, Chinese central government commits to tackle the soil and groundwater contaminations while fostering environmental remediation industries as a strategic emerging industry. Moreover, China is evaluating its own "Superfund" and "Brownfield" program due to extensive and complex contamination issues.

The China Environmental Remediation Development Strategic Forum is a prestigious annual conference in the aim of creating a platform for industry, academia, policy makers, regulatory agencies, and consulting firms to exchange opinions on critical subjects related to environmental remediation through in-depth discussions and debates.

With the objective of promoting and forecasting the development of environmental remediation in China, the 3rd forum will primarily focus on policy, market, liability, finance, and technology. Advanced assessment and remediation technologies, equipment, tools, software, and reagents will be exhibited at the forum as well.                                                                            

Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
BCEG Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd.
Soil and Groundwater Division, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences

China Environmental Remediation

China Association of Environmental Protection Industry
Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Solid Waste Division, China Society for Environmental Sciences 

Policy, legislations, regulations, and standards;
Market and business models;
Environmental liability and financing mechanisms;
Soil economic issues related to remediation;
Assessment and remediation technologies 

State Ministry of Environmental Protection Officers
National Development and Reform Commission Officers
State Ministry of Land and Resources Officers
State Ministry of Science and Technology Officers
Chen Jining, President, Tsinghua University
Li Fasheng, Chief Engineer, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences
Chen Liming, President, BP China
Kathleen Lucas, Function Head, Remediation Management Group Function, BP
Gallery Patricia, Global Portfolio Manager, Remdiation Management Function, BP
Yang Chaofei, Associate Director, China Society for Environmental Sciences
Dai Binbin, Chairman, BCEG Environmental Remediation Co., LTD
Fan Yuansheng, Vice President, China Association of Environmental Protection Industry
Luo Yongming, Executive Associate Director, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone, Chinese Academy of Science
Wang Jin, Professor, Peking University Law School
Lin Yusuo, Director, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences
Zou Ji, Associate Dean, School of Environment, Renmin University of China
Li Guanghe, Professor, School of Environment, Tsinghua University
Wang Hongqi, Professor, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University
Cao Dong, Director, Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning
Chen Tongbin, Director, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jiang Lin, Associate Director, Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection
Chen Mengfang, Director, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Song Yun, Chief Engineer, Environmental Protection Research Institue of Light Industry
Gong Yuyang, Director, Professional Association for China's Environment
Tian Jun, Associate Division Head, Chongqing Department of Environmental Protection
Calvin Chien, Dupont Fellow, Dupont
Ian Grant, Managing Editor, Brownfield Briefing (UK),
and attendance from US, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Japan, Korea, and more 

Who Should Attend:
       •Industry (Petroleum, Chemical, Manufacture, Heavy Metal, and etc.) who have investments or will invest in China
       •Environmental consulting and engineering firms who want to explore opportunities, find partners, or expand the business in China
       •Soil and groundwater assessment and remediation equipment, tool, software, and reagent manufactures and suppliers
       •Environmental professionals and students who want to find a job in China
       •Attorneys, insurance companies, and more

       •$350/person (including registration, materials , meals), $300/person registered before April 6
       •$150/person for students, student ID required
       •Sponsors, supporters, and exhibitors are eligible for complimentary registrations.
       •Please send the registration form to Organizing Committee via email or fax.

For sponsorship, advertisement, exhibition booth, and other details, please contact the Organizing Committee

Feb 10, 2012: First round notice
Mar 16, 2012: Second round notice
Apr 6, 2012: Forum Program
Apr 14, 2012: Registration deadline
Apr 17, 2012: Forum open

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