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Business Opportunities in China

Mining and Sediment Remediation Technology
Corporate members are seeking remediation technologies for their mining and/or sediment sites, especially for heavy metal contamination.

Soil Remediation Equipment
Membership companies are looking for in/ex situ soil mixing and washing equipment.

Remediation Reagents
Membership companies are seeking the right remediation products for soil and groundwater.

The reagent can be used to remediate the soil and groundwater contaminated with heavy metals such as Cr, Pb, and Cd through stabilization and/or immobilization. After remediation, the metals would be stable over geologic time.

The reagent should be certified by government regulators and has been applied at full scale sites successfully.

The potential collaboration ways include purchase, distributor, manufactures in China, and purchase patents exclusively for Chinese market.

Soil Vapor Extraction Equipment
A membership company is looking for SVE equipment. The equipment must be certified by government regulators and able to meet the strict off-air emission standards. 

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