China Environmental Remediation Industry Alliance

Found in April 17, 2012, China Environmental Remediation Industry Allince (CERIA) was initiated by top environmental remediation organizations, including:

BCEG Environmental Remediation Co., LTD
Solid Waste Management Center, Ministry of Environmental Protection
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
School of Environment, Tsinghua University
Beijing Eco-island Science and Technology Co., LTD
ESD China Limited
Huaxin Environmental Engineering Co., LTD, and
China Environmental Remediation

By the end of August 2012, CERIA has had more 50 corporate members including industry, management, research and development, real estate, investment, insurance, law, consulting, engineering, chemical analysis, tool and equipment, remediation reagent, and industry platform.

As a national non-profit organization, CERIA aims to assist government with strategies and policies, exchange cutting-edge technology innovations, provide professional and market information, explore business development opportunities, facilitate investments, standardize remediation industry, and build a solid industry which develops environmentally innovative and economically efficient technologies and management solutions.

CERIA welcomes opportunities of cooperation with any international enterprises and organizations to promote the sustainable development of Chinese environmental remediation industry.


1. Guide the standardization and development of industry;
2. Upgrade the technology, engineering, and management skills of the industry to improve its performance and enhance its competitiveness;
3. Expand the media campaigns, public recognition, and image of industry;
4. Foster the communication, interaction, and cooperation among members and within the whole industry chain, and to establish liaison with and convey the collective opinions to government bodies, industrial or trade organizations;
5. Assist (government) to develop practices, standards, and regulations;
6. Conduct market research, establish databases, and share information.


CERIA's daily work is undertaken by its secretariat, China Environmental Remediation, which contains Department of Technology Innovation and Department of Industry Development.

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