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China has grown and developed at an extraordinary rate over the past 30 years to be the world’s second largest economy. Meanwhile, China is now facing daunting challenges in the areas of soil and groundwater contamination which is arguably one of the most important issues that must be solved in the coming decades.

While Chinese government and lawmakers are still working on more tough regulations and standards, the remediation industry has grown tremendously due to a strong demand. Prior to 2008, when the 29th Olympics was held, approximately 200 manufacturing sites were demolished to be remediated in Beijing. All remediation cost for those 200 sites was estimated up to 10 billion US dollar.

During the past 5 years, a few environmental remediation consulting and engineering firms have been established, including Beijing Construction Engineering Environmental Remediation Co. Ltd. which is the first remediation firm registered in China and aims at its IPO in the near future. Those firms have been accomplishing fantastic soil remediation projects. Meanwhile, several US major environmental firms such as URS and CH2M set up their branch/offices in Beijing or Shanghai.

In the 12th 5-year plan, Chinese central government commits to tackle the soil and groundwater contaminations. Moreover, China is evaluating its own “Superfund” and “Brownfield” program due to extensive and complex contamination issues. To meet the huge market demand, more foreign companies were to invest on Chinese remediation industry while China is eager for the advanced remediation technology, equipment, and services. Those companies include but not limited to Suez environment of France, Dowa Holdings of Japan, and SK Holdings of Korea. In addition, Adventus and Geotech of US are also launching their business in China.

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