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China determined to clean up 90% of polluted arable land by 2020

Action plan targets soil pollution

China announces soil pollution controls

What Can China Learn from Love Canal? 

Soil pollution law on its way to reduce food safety risks

Suez Environnement forms joint venture in China for environment remediation services

China's Environmental Crisis: A Billion Dollar Opportunity

China to reduce soil pollution with support from the Global Environment Facility

Thermal Desorption Equipment Wanted

Back to the land: reclamation in China

Tetra Tech Creates Joint Venture Company with China's Orient Landscape

DSBP chosen to assist the Dutch PIB soil remediation program in China

Cleaning Up China's Contaminated Soil: Who Pays?

China alerted by serious soil pollution

Soil remediation efforts are failing the agricultural sector

China "lacks experience" to clean up its polluted soil

Opportunities open up forremediation firms in China

MEP to complete major action plan this year; nationwide sampling survey and key projects to be conducted

BCEG Environmental Remediation wins USD 25m contract in Nanjing

Remediation opportunities forecast following China's latest push in transforming 262 resource-based cities nationwide

Soil Remediation Industry in China

Environmental remediation, burgeoning business in China

A Jiangsu company partners with Belgium's TPS Tech; open to importing advanced technology from other suppliers

A Jiangsu environmental company seeks foreign technologies to augment capabilities for addressing ground contamination 

ZIEGI to build solid waste disposal plant with pyrolysis technology from Germany's TechTrade International

Geosyntec Consultants seeks growth opportunities, potential partners in China

IVM active in China  

RAW Set up Joint Venture Company in China

China Venture Capital Invests in Soil Remediation Firm (Asia) 

ENFOS Signs MOU with BCEER for Strategic Business Cooperation and Partnership

Beijing river water environmental remediation charge of the Hundred Days, "dirty, smelly"

China to monitor groundwater pollution in breadbasket 

Soil remediation future space 

Searching for Gold in Poison Land

Sonic drilling success for CMT ground water monitoring well 

AECOM leads the way in brownfield remediation and redevelopment in China with launch of new publication 

Soil contamination 

Land Ministry to map the extent of soil contamination by heavy metals 

China's new way of tackling pollution is to make companies buy environmental insurance

China to tackle soil contamination project

FMC Corporation Forms Joint Venture with BCEER and BRISEA Group to Market Environmental Technologies in China

China to Contain Increasingly Severe Soil Pollution

Wen Jiabao Chairs the State Council Executive Meeting--Assigning the Soil Environmental Protection and Integrated Remediation Tasks

Announcement of the 12th Five-Year Plan for Prevention and Control of Pollution by Hazardous Wastes

Four ministries unveil plan to control hazardous waste

Healing the Land

US$27.5 bln Investment to Ensure Safe Drinking Water

Pollutants, Pesticides Threaten Farm Land 

57% China's Urban Underground Water Polluted 

Lawsuit Demands 10 mln yuan for Pollution Victims 

Report: Groundwater Falls Short 

Chinese Government to Invest $5.5 billion to Battle Groundwater Contamination

China To Commit 60 Billion Yuan to Tackling Soil Pollution

Environmental remediation industry united

China soil remediation valued at 40b yuan

Building on "toxic land"

Outmoded methods plague polluted land reclamation 

Brownfield remediation: profit vs. social responsibility 

China's environmental remediation industry worth billions

China to Inspect Coastal Regions for Oil Spill Risks

Plant: Closure due to Quota, Not Pollution

Solar Plant Partially Closed over Pollution Concerns

Zhang Lijun Stresses to Resolutely Contain the Frequent Pollution Incidents Caused by Chemicals on the Teleconference on Launching the Intensive Inspection on Environmental Risks in Key Sectors

Protest over Pollution in E China

Gov't to Investigate Solar Factory Pollution

Cleanup Efforts Turn Polluted Soil into Home

China to Curb Chemical Plants

Campaign Targets Toxic Waste 

Premier Wen Jiabao Chaired the Executive Meeting of the State Council

16 Punished over Lead Pollution in S. China

Lawyer: Conoco Should Face Criminal Charges 

State Council executive meeting to discuss the national ground water pollution prevention plan

Challenges in environmental protection still serious

Vice Minister Li Ganjie Required Scientifically Planning Soil Environment Protection Work

Large Number of Petro Plants Threaten Environment

China Is 'Seriously Dealing with' Hazardous Waste

Pollution Scandal Brings Halt to Projects

Huge Stockpile of Toxic Waste in 12 Provinces

Nine New Oil Leaks Found off China Bohai Sea

China Presses Oil Giant for Spill Compensation

China Shuts down 583 Plants in Lead Battery Plant Overhaul

China Orders Strict Management of Drinking Water Quality

Chemical Spill Pollutes Wells in Zhejiang 


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