DSBP chosen to assist the Dutch PIB soil remediation program in China

With years of experiences in the field of soil remediation in combination with her excellent network in China, DSBP has been chosen to assist the Dutch PIB soil remediation program in 2015.

The Partners for International Business Soil China program is a public-private partnership between a consortium of Dutch environmental companies, knowledge institutes and the Dutch government. The objective of this program is to develop the Chinese soil remediation, soil and groundwater market and to enable Dutch companies, together with their Chinese partners, to enter this market.

Environmental issues, including soil contamination, are becoming a major hurdle for Chinese sustainable development. Chinese top decision makers have started to pay attention to environmental protection. In the beginning of this year, China’s legislature has voted to adopt revisions to the country’s environmental law, which is considered the toughest environmental protection law in Chinese history. DSBP aims to assist current PIB members to boost their businesses in China in the coming year. Supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, DSBP will bring more new leads to Dutch companies in the field of soil remediation.


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